Here's how Dr. Ben, a different kind of doctor, has helped people like you:

      • 61 year-old COO with cognitive and cardiac dysfunction after a massive heart attack. Dr. Ben's stack of cutting-edge technologies fully restored his cognitive and cardiac function. The latter confirmed by his cardiologist's testing, "There's no sign you had a heart attack." Dr. Ben also expediently diagnosed a rare side effect from a medication started by one of his previous doctors, averting a potentially life-threatening outcome.
      • 42-year-old founder struggling with fertility. Dr. Ben guided her to take full ownership of All Levels of her being to design a truly healthy lifestyle she absolutely loves. She became pregnant within 8 months.
      • 57 year-old investor with early stage neurodegenerative disease. World-renowned academic institutions told him to bide his time until things got worse at which point they'd start him on the very same medications his local specialists would prescribe. Dr. Ben's Triple A Method’s full stack testing, treatments, technologies, and lifestyle medicine helped him achieve clinical cure within 2 years. His new focus is longevity so he can live as vitally as possible for as long as possible.
      • 48 year-old multi-successful founder unhappy with his physique and intimate relationships. He shed 28 pounds of fat, put on 10 pounds of muscle, and in the process of transforming his body learned to love himself. "I'm adjusting to my new reality that the women in my life genuinely like me for who I am."
      • 69 year-old retired physician with rapidly declining cognition. According to her daughter, "I barely recognize my mom." Using advanced biochemical testing, Dr. Ben identified a nutritional deficiency frequently missed by conventional medical testing. Within 6 months her cognition returned to normal. Her daughter later called to say, “You've given me the greatest gift in the world, I've got my mom back.”
      • 37 year-old CFO struggling with focus. Dr. Ben noticed a detail other doctors overlooked and used specialty lab testing to examine All Systems, which revealed an all-too-common chronic heavy metal toxicity. Using a proprietary integrative treatment stack, his heavy metal levels decreased >50% in a few months, and he's now "absolutely crushing it."
      • A 52 year-old CTO with early stage metabolic disease felt stuck in a miserable job. By reclaiming All Levels of his health, he reversed his metabolic disease and unlocked the courage to pursue his dream. He left his job and within a year started his own company, which is now fully funded.

      MY STORY

      It’s my 23rd birthday, September 19, 2008 in Ann Arbor. I’m fresh off a 30 country backpacking tour and a month into starting medical school.

      From the outside, life is great: full-tuition scholarship to a top 10 program, hip apartment, adorable new girlfriend.

      But inside, I’m falling apart.

      Racing to the bathroom between lectures my phone rings. Expecting ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes, I pick up without checking caller ID.

      An unfamiliar voice speaks. In an instant, my life and career path change forever.

      “The doctor reviewed your results and thinks you’ve an incurable disease. You need to come in immediately.”

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